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Meditation has been the single most significant practice of my life for over 25 years, beginning with a guided meditation.  Every day I meditate using one or two of several different styles. Most days, when the temperature is above 30 degrees, I meditate in the sunshine, somewhere in nature.  It’s good for my skin, my energy, and my soul.

As my practice deepened I became fully aware of how every aspect of my life was affected by being in the stillness, even if only for minutes at a time. 

One recurring theme was that every time the guide would say, “You are now” my mind first had to translate that to “I am now”.  I began recording my own first person, “I Meditations” for myself and my clients.  The results were incredible. With regular practice, each meditator realized a shift:

From chaos to calm, from fear to love. 

Although I have experienced unexplained sensory experiences my whole life, it wasn’t until my son was born that my intuition was accelerated. 27 years ago he was in an accident that almost left his arm immobile for the rest of his life.  Due to the hands of his surgeon and an unexpected, spontaneous visit from a Master energy healing teacher, a miraculous healing took place.  He regained 100% mobility and today not only has he worked as a chef in one of Detroit’s finest restaurants, he is currently working toward becoming a master carpenter. 

That unexpected visit resulted in a quest into all things metaphysical and energetic.  I also began to meditate, remembering how I had done so as a child through being in nature, climbing trees, walking long distances and biking. I would sit for hours in the trees and meditate in the form of what I now know to be the Shamanic Journey, a path to direct revelation.  Shamanic work, soul work, is the foundation for everything I do in this life today.

Led by my own intuitive process I walked down many paths, learning from some of the world’s greatest teachers:  Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, William Whitecloud, Deepak Chopra, Sandra Ingerman, Cheri Maples, Lori Lipten and so many more. I’ve taken more seminars, workshops and classes than I can possibly begin to list.  Each of which has solidified by belief in a simple fact: what we focus on multiplies. 

Every session with me includes a teaching of how you can incorporate some of my techniques into your own life to ease your stress, pain, feelings of lack, emotional imbalance, personally and professionally.

Ultimately, it is you who heals your own life and these simple, mindful techniques can assist you in that transformation.

As the host of Soulful Living on Empower Radio it is my deep honor to share the works of inspirational souls from around the globe. Each one has a message designed to expand the human potential.  Tune in weekdays at noon EST, LISTEN LIVE on Empower Radio, I Tunes, I Heart Radio and over 10 different satellite platforms or grab the download.  250 plus shows are available on podcast.  I have interviewed hundreds of influential, inspiring people who share their best ideas for living a Soulcially Conscious life.  Some of my guests include Sandra Ingerman, Jeff Brown, SARK, Marci Shimoff, Patty Shaw, Jacki Smith, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Marc Allen, Dr. Bernie Seigal, Dr. Lissa Rankin and, of course, Lori Lipten. 

I choose to focus on joy, peace, abundance, clarity, and above all LOVE.  In doing so, I take the best of what I learn on a daily basis and share the teachings with you in the hopes that you will find greater peace and feel more empowered in healing your own life.

For more information or to work with Teri, visit: SoulPractices.com

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