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Lori Lipten


Meditation is the foundation for intuitive living and has proven to be fundamental to my spiritual and personal development.

For over 15 years, I have served as an emissary for the Divine to uplift, inspire and empower clients and students throughout the world. As a professional Intuitive Practitioner™ I specialize in healing the soul through direct communications with Spirit, accessing the Akashic Records (Soul Records) and facilitating Soul Retrieval and Alchemy. When I was eight years old, I answered my teacher’s question about what I wanted to do when I grew up by saying: “I am here to teach the world to love more. I am here to help people heal what prevents them from loving and to learn to love more. When we love more, we will heal the world”  

Love is the currency of our true divine nature. By learning to access this loving nature, we can create lives of meaning, health and joy. 

Meditation is a bridge from struggle to peace; from discord into love. It is how I calm my energy to accurately tune into the clearest understanding of the Divine for personal and professional guidance. My greatest passion is to serve the Divine Source of Life (God/The Creator/Great Spirit), follow Divine guidance with the highest integrity and bring as much love as possible into our world. Through the practice of meditation, I am able to discern between my ego and Divine Guidance; nurture healing compassion and receive sacred inspirations for creating health, abundance, fulfillment and joy. 

I hold a Master of Arts in Clinical and Humanistic psychology and am the founder of Sacred Balance Academy & Center, Lori Lipten Enterprises and Sacred Soul Retreats. After teaching Intuitive Empowerment for years, I was guided to develop the Intuitive Practitioners Certification™ Programs, Soul Retrieval & Alchemy Training, The Inspired Heart™ Practices and The Intuitive MASTERY™ programs and retreats. Angels have appeared at various points of my life to nurture my connection to the Divine and guide my path. They taught me how to meditate, how to guide others and have inspired the I Meditation Project.

Through consistent practice, I have been led from suffering, into a life far more fulfilling than I had ever imagined for myself. By using these very “I Meditation” practices in my daily life, I have provided intuitive consultations, soul healing, workshops and retreats for thousands of clients on all continents of the globe through attraction (not formal marketing and promotion).

It is my deepest knowing, that if you give yourself time and space to listen to the “I Meditations” daily, you will awaken your Divine Nature into a viable force for thriving and peaceful fulfillment.

For more information or to work with Lori, visit LoriLipten.com.

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