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Frederick Alexander Russ is a professional media and sound technology composer and consultant; founder of VI Control Forum and Soaring Music Productions and co-owner of Sacred Balance Academy and Healing Center. His original compositions have been included in major film trailers, broadcast networks for television, video games, audio programs, guided meditations and digital media. Among his numerous professional placements are: Activision Transformers Fall of Cybertron; Trailers for Disney’s Brave; UA Sports Madden; the Winter Olympics; Trailers for DreamWorks II Lincoln and numerous other renowned productions.

Frederick Russ’s passion for composition, sound technology and holistic healing, led him to produce custom music specifically designed to support meditation, alleviate stress and enhance healing.

His unique version of “theta music” combines multiple cutting edge audio technologies that ease the listener into relaxed, therapeutic states of consciousness. Research reveals that sustained listening to “theta music” leads to greater health, inner connectedness and well-being. Frederick has embedded “theta music” into the iMeditations audios with musical soundtracks.

Frederick Russ also serves as a consultant and life coach for music professionals, composers, musicians, creatives and health care professionals. His specialties include midi-mock up composition and production; audio technologies; guided meditation and hypnosis; theta healing; shamanic healing and energy clearing.

Reach Frederick at:  SoaringMusic.com, Twitter.com/@FrederickARuss or call: 248-219-5982

Jeff Williams has had a passion for ‘capturing the look’ for over 20 years.

Retiring from the Fire Department at the age of 49, Jeff began living his dream – creating and sharing his photographic talents through his company, JAW Dropping Photography.

He has an unusual ability for seeing what the untrained eye could never see, specializing in on location photography. He comes to you: in your home, yard, or office and on the field, courts, or in the arena.

“Whether at the football field, standing under a waterfall or walking down the aisle, you have one chance to capture the moment.”


Jeff has a passion for automobiles and has been shooting the Woodward Dream Cruise since 2009. His work has been featured in television, magazines and newspapers, all over the country.

It’s a huge responsibility that Jeff certainly takes to heart, providing photo’s that are timeless and unique. Many of his images are featured within the I Meditation Project pages.

Jeff makes every client feel important and, above all, comfortable. Each session provides an opportunity to have a little fun, with simple expressions that last a lifetime. For more information visit:  JawDroppingPhotography.com

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