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Are you ready to


  • To live life with more joy?
  • To experience less stress?
  • To feel less physical pain?
  • To become more present to life?
  • To create deeper connections with yourself and others?
  • To be more focused and confident?
  • To feel more prosperous?
  • To have more energy?
  • To feel empowered?


 Begin a GUIDED MEDITATION practice to enhance your life – a practice that includes:

  • A Clear Energy System – Color Chakra Meditation
  • Feeling Empowered – Empower Meditation
  • A deeper sense of love – Self Love Meditation
  • Abundance and PROSPERITY – Prosperity Meditation

Each meditation has been specifically created to support anyone on their wellness journey, body, mind, soul.

Lori and Teri’s hope is that everyone who listens to the I Meditations experiences a sense of deep fulfillment and love.

Grab yours before the series is removed.  Create a practice to elevate  your soul!

If you are ready to live a more empowered life then read more and click the BUY NOW button to begin a mediation practice like no other!  The I Meditation Project contains Breakthrough Meditation Technology offered by Lori Lipten and Teri Williams.  These series of guided meditations and programs are created to help you meditate, deepen your contemplation practice and expand your life from the inside out.

“Research reveals the benefits of meditation to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives. Our specific mood-enhancing sound technology combined with first person guidance, allows those who have never meditated to discover the remarkable benefits of an intentional stillness practice.”


 “I Meditation” Guided meditations are created in first person, combined with an affirming “I” message so your subconscious mind recognizes it as if it were happening for you in the present moment, while simultaneously engaging the higher consciousness that supports postitive change.You then begin to easily and effortlessly step into a deeper state of relaxation and cultivate a meditation practice..  Each one is less than 11 minutes; some less than 5 minutes.

YES in as little as 5 minutes a day you can begin a practice that has the potential to help you create a sense of increased joy, deeper peace, improved prosperity, enhanced health, and more love in your life – all of which serves your highest good and the good of all!

“On a daily basis we meditate using one or two of several different styles.  Most days, when the temperature is above 30 degrees, we meditate in the sunshine, somewhere in nature.  It’s good for our skin, our energy, and our souls.”  Lori and Teri


You’ve probably heard this before; meditation changes your life.  YES it does!  Scientific studies are now available that provide positive evidence that a regular practice of meditation can not only enhance your life, it CHANGES YOUR BRAIN! 

Furthermore, when guided meditation is presented in a first person format, an I MEDITATION, combined with positive affirmations,  your unconscious mind recognizes the thought (idea) as actually working in your life RIGHT NOW!  

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Create a life with more joy, more calm, more love beginning TODAY!

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